Women of Gold
Everyday women of color are told they are unfit to love, unworthy, ugly and useless. All of these are lies. We have done so much for humanity and although the world fails to give credit it's due it's essential that we credit and find the significance in ourselves. This blog is dedicated to the voice, culture and beauty of the forgotten women, the women of gold.

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The time between Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner I remember being misunderstood, disrespected and abandonded by black men. Then when Mike Brown & Ferguson erupted it became ‘we’ again. WE were whole, it was black men and black women , it was a unfied race, it was let me be aware of how I treat the sistahs because we need them right now. Weeks passed and it almost got quiet and comfortable again. Comfy enough to him to start saying things out of his mouth, started refusing to take accountability again, started thinking it was okay to only call one time or not at all, it was okay to start returning to twitter and shit on dark skin again, okay to begin the “women are crazy” conversation and laugh amongst his homeboys, to grab me up like and object or curse me out when I deny his offers in the street, okay to use the words ‘ratchet’ and ‘attitude’ and ‘ghetto’ again. It was almost okay again for him to walk out when I needed him the most. I was almost back to being in last place. Now Vonderrick Myers is dead and I know when I see him again his eyes will look caring and the first words out of his mouth will be ‘WE’

Now tell me how a black woman like myself is suppose to feel when she realizes she is only important during death? when I feel like I’m a sidekick, like backup, like a the shit he almost forgot on the backburner. How am I suppose to react when I feel the help?

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A Tamil student from Sri Lanka

What a beauty !
It is a known fact that many dark skin indian girls just like black girls grow up and feel insecure about their skin color .
May their beauty be recognized

So gorgeous. Makes my heart hurt that girls like her maybe think they are not good enough.
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Moment of silence to the whole lands, whole languages, whole cultures, whole peoples that did not survive the terror of European colonialism and bless all those who have and continue to survive it’s long standing impact and oppression.

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Three men lose a rap battle to a woman so they gang rape her and try to viciously murder her. She survived! I hope they never get to see the light of day.

Oh and I am go glad the put Nicki Minaj’s music video right underneath the article. Women will always prevail!

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Both Tika Sumpter and Jasmine Sanders are black girls. Google them and see how far and wide the spectrum of black beauty can go. It’s such a fuckin blessing.

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