Women of Gold
Everyday women of color are told they are unfit to love, unworthy, ugly and useless. All of these are lies. We have done so much for humanity and although the world fails to give credit it's due it's essential that we credit and find the significance in ourselves. This blog is dedicated to the voice, culture and beauty of the forgotten women, the women of gold.

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She’s hellaaa cute
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"Being black is not a crime." South Sudanese and Eritrean refugees protest against prosecution in Tel Aviv, Israel 

international solidarity with BLACK people

global antiblackness
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another take of Dian Masalanta, Tagalog Goddess of Love (Philippines)
channeling Anette Marnat’s style this time.
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Ouarzazate, Morocco
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Altaf Qadri.
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Yeah I got some body
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Yeah I got some body