Women of Gold
Everyday women of color are told they are unfit to love, unworthy, ugly and useless. All of these are lies. We have done so much for humanity and although the world fails to give credit it's due it's essential that we credit and find the significance in ourselves. This blog is dedicated to the voice, culture and beauty of the forgotten women, the women of gold.

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Change Clothes ft. Pharrell - Jay Z

Seriously every single woman of color slayed so hard in this video. I was too young to appreciate it back in the day.
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Watching Colombus Short in Stomp The Yard. He is made in God’s light, so fucking fione omg. He could get the ill hip work fresh from kegels, the coconut oil back massages, the foot massages all that. I will birth his first born son and bail him out of jail on a loan. I would cook this nigga a…

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Spelman 2014


Look at GOD
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Is this real life?
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Just so you know the oldest person in America is a black woman living in Detroit named Jeralean Talley. That’s right - she was born in 1899. That’s three centuries she’s lived in. She was on  bowling team till she was 104. She still goes to church. This woman saw prohibition, women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement, two world wars, a list of other dumb shit, all the way to the birth of the internet and of her great-great grandson, a child who’s 14 months old.

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